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New Album!!

Today is Grand Southern Electric day! You can now buy the album at your favorite record store, iTunes in our webshop & you can listen to it on Spotify.


New Merchandise

Check out all the cool new stuff that’s available: baseball shirts, hoodies, limited edition posters and bags! We ain’t got it, you don’t want it!

Available trough our webshop

VS vlag

Recording New Album!

FINALLY we get to share this grand news with y’all: in January 2014 DeWolff will be heading to the United States to record their next album with Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Neill (The Black Keys’ “Brothers”)!


Harley-Davidson DeWolff Limited Edition!

Legendary Motorcyclebrand Harley-Davidson annd DeWolff have decided to join forces. Pablo van de Poel, guitarist and singer of the band, has created his own design for the tank and rear fender of the Seventy- Two, which the Seventy- Two Sport Star DeWolff Limited was born!!


Thanks @Converse BLX

Thanks @Converse BLX for our new spacemobile of psychedelic awesomeness! You rock and now we can roll!

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