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Recording New Album!

FINALLY we get to share this grand news with y’all: in January 2014 DeWolff will be heading to the United States to record their next album with Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Neill (The Black Keys’ “Brothers”)!


Harley-Davidson DeWolff Limited Edition!

Legendary Motorcyclebrand Harley-Davidson annd DeWolff have decided to join forces. Pablo van de Poel, guitarist and singer of the band, has created his own design for the tank and rear fender of the Seventy- Two, which the Seventy- Two Sport Star DeWolff Limited was born!!


Thanks @Converse BLX

Thanks @Converse BLX for our new spacemobile of psychedelic awesomeness! You rock and now we can roll!




The Record Store Day 7″ Single “Voodoo Mademoiselle”, a foretaste of the forthcoming album DEWOLFF IV. Available April 21, 2012

SIDE A  Voodoo Mademoiselle


Side B  Wasabi Wizard (mono)

(Studio Jam, available on this release only!)



The 8th of June: From this day on the world will never be the same again. The sun, the moon, Jupiter ans a handful of dark clouds will gather above the land of the Dutch to celebrate the birth of a legend, a feast for the upper astral psyche, a manifest of genuine spacerock, the birth of DeWolff IV. Featured on this double sided musical compendium is the 20-minute, seven volume opus “A MIND SLIP”, full of higher dimensional swagger, exotic wave modulations and mojo.

This already legendary happening will be celebrated with a birthday party on the 7th of June at Luxor Live, Arnhem. Be sure not to miss it!

Italy im

dewolff goes international!!

The first events in the early start of 2012 are proof of going on the right track. The video of  ’Don’t You Go Up The Sky’ was seen prime time on national television ABC in Australia with an on going part of the play list for the next months.

Hot from the mail is the confirmation of the signing with OTR Records/ Universal in Italy, meaning that the cd ‘Orchards/ Lupine’ will released in April there. The company with the coorperation of Nausicaa Bookings is preparing promo performances and gigs in clubs and at festivals.

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